Alpské lezení

Attention! Risk of getting instant addiction!

What will you experience?

  • A surreal feeling in one moment in one place
  • adrenaline splash from the ears
  • the victory over self
  • friendship
  • trust 100%
  • and maybe even get a new philosophy of life

Mountain courses, outputs, and the expedition carried out under the guidance of experienced mountain guides..

Why use the services of mountain guide?

Horský vůdce

  • The highest attainable education UIAGM – almost the only ones qualified professionals
  • They are the best climbers and ski alpinists
  • Can transmit unique and customized information
  • Handle all types of terrain from the ski tracks to the tops of the highest mountains in the world
  • Help you to improve your technique in challenging terrain
  • Have an international view of the mountains
  • Support you in your vision anywhere you entered mountains
  • Are international experts with regard to the mountains!

What do we offer?

  •     Discover beautiful places in the mountains
  •     Learn what and how to climbing in the mountains
  •     Get familiar with the principles of movement in the mountains
  •     Introduce you to equipment and methods of protection
  •     Beat the beautiful mountain peaks and to return safely

All information about our actions and expeditions can find in calendar.

Our courses:

  • skialpinism camp
  • freeride camp
  • glacier course
  • avalanche course

How does it work?

  • subscribe to us by phone or e-mail
  • prepare and agree on details

– The best alternative course
– Place, date and time
– Recommend suitable locations
– More details

  • A day before the activity starts we’ll call you to confirm the program.
  • An experienced musher will accompany you throughout the event.
  • After the activity we recommend you to continue with some other programs

To book and find out at any time on  +420 720210409  or electronic mail to: