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Kids courses

Kurzy lezení pro děti

What if I told you that excite your little sportsman and you will be the best in the world.

We have created courses especially for children’s soul.

Try to score and make a nice surprise. I’m sure that you will enjoy it all.

Children will be real climbers and by the fun get an important knowledges and skills.


What they learn?

  • different climbing techniques
  • communication with friend
  • how to use the climbing equiptment
  • knotting
  • rappeling (controled by the instructor)
  • what is needed for a rock tower climbing
  • sign up, be with you to the top book
  • we will support team spirit and responsibility


Children do not learn to climb. The basic physical assumption of each of us losing by age. This is one of the main reasons why children realy enjoying climbing.

In bad weather conditions or in winter season we’ll run the courses on artificial indoor walls.
Difficulty depends on the climber technical and physical fitness.
The course content is modified according to individual needs, knowledge and capabilities of participants.

Individual climbing

Individuální kurzy lezení

We adress this course to everyone that wants to meet chalenges in his/her climbing life!

We will support and partner with businesses or difficult climbing projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Necessary personal contact and timely meeting.



We go to amazing bouldering sites where everyone will be satisfied. Perfect fun near the ground.

Suitable for

  • complete beginners
  • intermediate
  • experienced climbers